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We are Remark .

Professional Machine Learning engineers having 10 Years Of Experience.

Our main expertise is Natural Language Processing and specifically Text Summarization.

What is Information Extraction? This is an Machine Learning model, that can fetch the meaning of the long paragraph and convert it to one or two sentences and keeps the meaning.

What tech stack we are using?
Language Python
Frameworks Pytorch, Keras, TensorFlow, Spark
DevOps Docker, Jenkins, Terraform
IaaS Google Cloud, AWS

Our Services

Text analytics is a type of NLP that turns text into data for analysis. Organizations are using text analytics to drive better customer experiences.

Document summarization

Shorten a text document, in order to create a summary with the major points of the original document


SEO has shifted focus from keywords to topical authority, that allows you to create the most authoritative content for your website or blog post.

Video scripting

Depending on the type of video, summarization can produce a script that incorporates research from many sources.

Email overload

Summarization can surface the most important content within email and let you skim emails faster.


A system that can turn voice to text and generate summaries from your team meetings.


Enrich newsletters with a stream of summaries (versus a list of links), which is convenient for mobile.

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